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Dark path of the exiled

June 14, 2022
Mares Of Thrace - The Exile

The twilight gaggleness of the Onward, Ever Onward musical covers envelops vocals reflections in a mystical haze of obscure echoes of forgotten fairy tales and lost legends, creating an intriguing introduction to the Mares Of Thrace - The Exile album.
The mesmerizing mystery of the echoes of ancient legends weaves the artistic lace of the Dark Harbours intro, then rolling waves of epic saga and echoes of the glorification of the valiant exploits of unforgettable heroes of antiquity, confidently led and controlled by the vocal part.
Setting the main motifs of the dominant shades of the basic motif's sound with the intro solos and riffs, the Offerings of Hand and Tongue song begins the vocal part with enchanting soft melodies of a singing lady, who gives her phrases a mesmerizing trembling, but then a fierce vocal part with a bright anger of demonic screaming and witch nature.
Rolling waves of epic perseverance, the Mortal Quarry composition combines music and vocals in a single exciting procession of a valiant musical detachment under the banners of hard trials to gain unforgettable achievements and overcoming any obstacles.
The vocals immediately explode with screams of fierce rage and indignation, followed by a dense and severe pressure of musical drive, intertwined in a single musical stream of the sound of the In All Her Glory song. In the instrumental bridges, guitar solos show echoes of battle marches and knightly sagas. The Thread That Will Unravel You musical composition develops the style of epic sagas and medieval bardic tales, completing the album with the majestic sound of a solemn anthem.