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Dark ages full of despair

August 04, 2016
Gloomy Grim - The Age Of Aquarius

We have to come to the dark and hopeless age - Gloomy Grim - The Age Of Aquarius .
Darkness rises from the depths of the world, slowly enveloping all around by its rotten flesh. We have to be prepared for The Rise Of The Great Beast, the embodiment of anger and hatred, darkness and evil. With no hurry - but carefully goes presentation of the legends of this ancient horror.
Embodiment,Germination starts quickly and sharply, then slowly thickening of paint before the next violent jerk, extolling incredible horror unshakable fear and terror. After the breakthrough will be thoughtful story about the upcoming hazards
The piano in an abandoned, cursed ghost mansion starts with few notes its tale about A Lady In White. Legend fierce, ferocious and powerful - black screaming begins to paint a quick jerk,thoughtful pension growling briefly interrupts that impulse . However, screaming can't hold down on backstage - once again in the foreground. But the piano, covered with cobwebs and dust of the past takes us into the shadowy world with its passages, it only final phrase screams close that ashen epitaph.
Brief melodic phrase of ghostly keyboards opens Beyond The Hate to further rage and furious rush, flying on the wings of phantom to the next respite and growling phrases of chrolicles narration. Then the ghost key fill all the sound space, with small patches of guitar. Growly aborts that - not the whole chronicle expressed! Last spurt of rage closes the track as well!
One Night I Heard A Scream mysterious and enigmatic expression of fears, unavoidable while gloomy atmosphere filling every corner of the world with hopelessness and despondency, combines the melodic part of the slow powerful rhythm, fast jerks and keyboard phrases.
Dancing ghosts around damned manor, The Shameful Kiss is a product of sin, moral baseness. Keyboard and guitar blues show tunes, complementing their violent impetuous bitterness and nervous breakdowns.
The Mist fills its spirit all the surrounding space by combining in the unity of the entire population of the surrounding land - they can not fight the darkness, being in sorrow and hardships of privation.
The clock is ticking, distant chorus chants, reminiscent with the howling wind - significent of the Time. the passage of time is not fast nor slow - for someone too quickly, for others - too slow. But leitmotif's tune pervades sound canvas oblivious to external stimuli and a change of pace - the time eternaly constant ...for the time.
Light Of Lucifer Shine On Me illuminates with the keyboard phrases, flying around as like the spirits of the past, rising above guitar riffs and screaming creak. On the design of the guitar keyboards prevail against the supremacy, but only for a few moments.
All of us Trapped In Eternal Darkness, keyboards plays that in every note, that explains our our hopeless despair and unbridled sadness of loneliness, presents full depth of his melancholic grief. Its passages instrumental plays revealing the abyss.