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Cybernetics embarked on new research

November 17, 2019
Metalite - Biomechanicals

An exciting and fascinating musical narration of the Far from the Sanctuary song carries you to listening, giving musical variations to the artistic outlines of the narrative set by the vocal part. Keeping the style of obscure prophecies Apocalypse supplements musical variations with echoes of electronic samples, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the compositional picture, concentrating inspiration in the charming tunes of female vocals.
The title track continues the Metalite - Biomechanicals album, giving even greater importance to electronic impulses, which adds some extent of synthetic shades to the musical narrative. The incarnation in a guitar solo entwined with electronic impulses in the instrumental part gives a special charm to the main motive. Power and drive are embodied in the Warrior introduction, then combining battle tunes with the charm of vocal phrases.
Combining such diverse genres in a single musical stream, Mind of a Monster captures the attention and inspires to listen to more and more! Inspired by the introduction of fans of popular music, World on Fire then combines it with power metal in a single musical narrative, dancing in a multifaceted style. Eye of the Storm continues this unity, paying more attention to the guitar solo in the instrumental part, which captures with a bright sparkling sound.
A vocal monologue, complemented by a chime of keyboard notes, builds the Breakaway intro, setting the atmosphere of an inspired and mesmerizing ballad. Weighting and hardening Social Butterflies elevates the solemn banners of the majestic anthem, retreating with musical passages in front of vocal charm and then weaving vocal and musical entities together. Rise of the Phoenix continues in a similar style, but gives epic tones to musical passages that complement the charm of vocal reflections. Mysterious and bewitching turns of musical variations Victory or Death enchants at the end of the album with epic notes of fabulous epic trends, inspiring to listen to it again and again.