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Curses are sometimes brought to oblivion

March 22, 2020
Alone In The Morgue - Oblivion

The symphonic mystery of the mysterious twilight Intro begins the Alone In The Morgue - Oblivion album, complementing the intriguing musical mystery with background vocal prophecy. Then Damnation develops the motives laid down in the introduction, marching in a pulsating mid-tempo dark anthem and combining sharp streaming and deep growling in the vocal part. The Suffering continues the musical narration with dark twilight musical ghosts, from time to time exploding with the musical streams of a furious drive.
An introductory guitar solo weaves a bewitching lace of sparkling motifs, but a harsh vocal growling party squeezes the bonds of the Revelations musical yoke, but screaming the vocals carries you into a swirling whirlwind of drive. Then the vocal part is complemented by the harsh vocals. The Deciever brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical narrative, alternating in-depth growling with emotional screaming. The furious pulsations of the drum roll and the complicated guitar solos weaving into the Enslavement introduction bring a progressive atmosphere, further combining in the rapid fury of an uncontrolled action movie, dancing with vocal variations in an impressive round dance.
Returning with the introduction to the painful dusk, then the Vindication music obeys the vocal directions, replacing the pulsating march with growling with a swift drive with screaming. Leading the vocal part to a dominant role, The Wretched is dominated by severe growling, starting with a fast-moving action movie, but continuing with wise thoughts of growling, ending with a rapid explosion of drive and constant transformation of rhythm and tempo. Fascinating with the melodic sound of a guitar solo, Hypocrisy pulsates with a rhythmic march, crowning its waves with crests of vocal phrases.
Forcing musical variations with rhythmic changes, Descent again subordinates musical changes to vocal transformations. Oppression escalates the atmosphere of irritation of resentment and despair, embodying them in vocal anger and complementing growling with viscous passages, and screaming with a swift drive, however, growling also participates in these assaults. The title track Oblivion completes the album with an epic saga, contrived to squeeze into the dense and short-lived composition an incredible multitude of stylistic shades.