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Cryptic shades of ancient dark tales

January 02, 2023
Neverland In Ashes - Echoes (EP)

A brief and intriguing introduction gradually unwinds the flywheel of frantic drive, rolling in joint waves with the anger of growling vocals and the fury of musical pressure, raising the charm of dreamy vocal phrases intertwined in the musical lace of the Avalanche composition, opening the gates for the musical procession of the Neverland In Ashes - Echoes (EP) release, continuing with a deep and meaningful vocal narrative, again returning to the unity of swiftness and impatience in the musical race.
Expanding the stylistic framework of the musical sound, the Leech song brings notes of the industrial genre to the musical expanses of the album, but the music and vocals are intertwined in the lace of a charming musical fairy tale, further complementing the musical canvas with epic and folkloric reflections.
Dreamy reflections of pure vocals enter the expanses of the Isolated composition with leisurely reflections, then retreating before the artistic and intriguing variability of musical stylistic searches and finds, returning again and again in their dreamy wanderings.
The intriguing guitar solo gradually recreates and weaves the majestic musical lace of the God Of Existence twilight anthem, solemnly and meaningfully marching along the chosen path, until the vocals pressure calls for an acceleration of the tempo and variation of its shades in accordance to vocals changes, continuing the vocals supremacy in the rebellious mood of vocal doubts and discussions of the Riot composition, retreating before the charismatic appeals of the vocals leader, appealing for an unruly procession to further accomplishments that, however, mark that the leader of this mob was none other than the Liar, which concludes the musical narrative of this artistic artwork.