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Critical state reveals awareness

March 03, 2020
White Noise Owl - Condition Critical

After an intriguing development in the introduction, the main motive captivates into wanderings, complementing the expectation in the verse and raising the name to the crest of the musical wave of the Maybe Its Time composition in the chorus. The spicy romanticism of southern rock motifs continues the White Noise Owl - Condition Critical album, slowly marching in the sensual impression of the Feed vocal part. Angry Man continues this style, after an alarming introduction, lifting up the triumphant banners of romanticism with inspired vocal phrases.
A thoughtful dusk envelops the thoughts of the vocals, lining the vocal part with shades of light sadness, but retreating in the chorus of the Is Anyone Listening ballad before the pressure of vocal emotions Whirlwinds of disturbing excitement, guitar passages envelop the verse part of the verse, lifting up in the Bomber chorus the echoes of mystical legends and ancient tales. A leisurely, but significant and confident Are You Breathing_ mid-tempo march rolls the waves of the main motive along the musical canvas, introducing sparks of inspiration with vocal phrases.
Next, Something inspirational vortexes of musical passages envelops dreamy vocal phrases, then transforming into stories full of romantic emotions, marching with the leisurely sound of the End Over End bewitching ballad. Keeping a leisurely unhurried pace I Know You Know marches with pulsations of a rhythmic march.
The epic canvas of the This Has Just Begun musical saga slowly and majestically conveys its sound, entwining the listener with the intriguing strings of musical lace. Confirming the title, . puts an end to the album with wordless instrumental sighs.