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Creepy faiths envelops in a bloody haze

October 25, 2018
Wound Collector - Eternal Bloodcult

Tightly, powerfully and energetically, starting Worship Of The Aton transormations time after time - sometimes in instrumental bridges erecting invisible progressive structures, now returning to the style of the main motive. Of particular note are the solo parts of the saxophone and changeable vocals.
It should be noted that the saxophone creates a leumotiv of the album, combined with the main theme of the Bloodcult composition, creating perhaps the greatest impression about the Wound Collector - Eternal Bloodcult album as a whole.
The twist of ancient tales interweave marvelous passages of the saxophone, then the Recapturing The Throne transforms into a furious drive, but the saxophone invariably complements the composition with its own trends.
Tired of the background additions, the saxophone rises to the forefront of the Crucifixion To The Inverted Cross composition, bringing out the image of the main motive in the introduction. But vocal painful and sadly resists, although saxophone returns to instrumental bridges.
Beginning the with sublime and majestic chorals, Divine Music, Unholy Flesh explodes with incredible jazz improvisations, then the vocal seeks to acquire a dominant position in the musical image, but music opposes it, recreating incredible images with its passages.
First, the bass guitar solo creates a pulsing mood of the History Of Torture intro, which is then supported by the rest of the instruments - but the vocals explode with unexpected cries, which the music responds to with mysterious confusion.
The sad and moody motives pay homage to those who have departed to another world, the Hopelesness music pensively rolls the canopy of charming passages, allowing the saxophone to lead a solo part. Then the guitars call for some drive and austere vocal growling complement this agenda, anticipating Only Corpses Remain, that finalizes the whole album with the sound of burning fires and a symphony of hopelessness.