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Cradle and the grave are the milestones that none of us can avoid

January 02, 2019
Alastor (SWE) - Slave To The Grave

The oncoming thunderstorm and muffled vocal reflections of the I Doden Ar Vi Alla Lika song, the bells ending with the battle open the gates of the Alastor (SWE) - Slave To The Grave album for further listening. The ringing of the bell constitutes the background complement of the Your Lives Are Worthless introduction, anticipating the appearance of the brooding vocal, appearing as interlinear additions in fascinating verses. The vocal part brings the composition to a different emotional level with its sound, but the instrumental bridge returns perception to the expanses of thoughtful reflections. Then similar vocal aspirations are repeated again and again.
Slowly twisted from side to side the musical dance slowly unrolls the canvas of the narration of the Drawn To The Abyss composition, the vocal somewhat raises the tonality and again gives to the leisurely musical creation a note of emotional experiences, piercing instrumental reverie with a blade of concerned doubt. In the instrumental final of the composition, shades of swiftness and rebellious drive appears.
The vocal part achieves a dominant position in the musical image of the N.W 588 song, enticing instrumental parts along the path of cautious doubts and uncertain experiences.
The acoustic ballad Gone continues the musical artwork of the album, weaving a duet of male and female vocals in the enchanting dance of the vocal, supplementing their conversation with the soft and romantic extravaganza of the chime of guitar strings.
The gloomy haze of the Slave To The Grave main motive envelops thoughts with gloomy experiences, vocal phrases are filled with fears and omens, elevating the title of the album to the top of the musical image in the chorus. Regretful reflections slowly envelop the vocal phrases with unhurried passages, in the instrumental part of the The Spider Of My Love song, intertwining the guitar guitar solo with the most important keyboard passages.