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Cowards worships a malevolent God

December 09, 2022
In The Woods... - Diversum

The pensive symphony of the introduction anticipates the unhurried step of the The Coward's Way saddened anthem, combining the alternation of clean vocals with the harsh phrases of growling vocals. But the vocal part recedes before the inspired guitar solo, enchanting listeners with majestic melody in the run-up to the final step of the musical fragment, opening the gates for the procession of the In The Woods... - Diversum album, continuing with the twilight romance of the musical covers of the Moments composition, enveloping with the dreamy narrative of the vocals storyteller with shadows of forgotten fairy tales, sometimes bringing the growling vocals of a summoned demon to the forefront of the vocal part.
Epic motifs of heroic sagas and bard ballads are artistically woven with sparkling threads into the fascinating palette of the musical canvas of the We Sinful Converge musical fairy tale, alternating the mystery of the vocals lyrics of the verse and the inspired ascension of the vocals in the chorus, further developing the charm of the echoes of forgotten fairy tales in the twilight mystery of The Malevolent God composition.
Announcers, negotiators and radio broadcasts are the basis of the A Wonderful Crisis song's intro, after an acoustic guitar solo marching in an atmosphere of nebulous mystery to the embodiment of a musical essence with dominant vocal inspiration to the fullest, then mesmerizing with the charm of the wise reverie of the twilight covers of the Humanity musical saga, enveloping variable vocal reflections with a haze of musical mystery.
The romantic mystery of musical passages creates a background palette for the Master of None song's vocals lyrics, alternating the soothing sound of clean vocals and the harsh rebelliousness of growling, anticipating the enchanting mystery of the Your Dark final composition of the album, diversifying and complementing the musical palette of clean vocals.