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Coronated ones can be cursed many times

March 10, 2016
Coronated ones can be cursed many times

Magical, mysterious introduction. Like some kind of sect holds its ceremonies under the rhythmic tapping of the drum.

The Mass? The ritual? No that's THRASH! Protector - Cursed and Coronated made this ordinance.
But the mysterious rites take a lot of time - it's time to kill all of dissidents, heretic and just not local people. That's Xenophobia - the chorus is repeated that many times! That's its purest phenomenon.
Kill all non-native, desecrated other faith? Now think - Selfdesdrugtion can destroy yourselves! Stop it!
But once dealt with non-native, who came so far and not destroyed yourself - the need to explore the world gnaws you! They have discovered Crosses  in Carelia.
Title track starts slow and gloomy guitar intro which continues viscous and stringy march - Cursed and Coronated. Hard and severe the fate of those damned and crownedand, this song is about it.
But how difficult is not cursed to wear the crown, there are things sadder their fates - for instance Six Hours on the Cross.But the story is greatly accelerated and is gaining momentum.
In Base 104 riffs and melody becomes denser, obsessive and carries its course. Buzzing start of The Dimholt, somber accompaniment and monologue on the background returns mythical and mysterious atmosphere, aided by viscous guitar solo at the finish.
The mistical track followed by mid-tempo march which encourages to To Serve and Protect, has some near death-metal parts in the middle and in the end.
Terra Mater thrashed all around as earthquake, not allow to stop the slam of nature creatures in a second. And that thrash party finished with The Old Boil that wake up even frail elders. To battles, smashes, blows and wall of death!