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Contradictions sometimes arise in anything

April 29, 2023
Secret French Postcards - Contradictions

The vocal part with police sirens in the background captures the attention of the listeners, starting the musical narrative of the The Secret French Postcards - Contradictions album with a rhythmic procession of the Awake song's musical passages, then bringing to the fore the With You main motive guitar passages, carefully and thoroughly preparing the way for the vocals introduction, after that, musical motifs and vocals phrases are combined and intertwined in the artistic dance of the Make Me Bleed composition.
Vocal phrases alternate with sparkling guitar solos in instrumental bridges, changing each other in the dominant role in the sound of The Gain song, further enchanting and captivating with pulsating passages of the Black Hole main motive to a rhythmic march along the chosen musical path, somewhat pacifying the musical tread to give the sound of the Lips composition shades of the ballad and romantic ballad and vocals inspiration.
After weaving in the introduction of the musical canvas, the Sun Is Dead song rolls it out before the vocal story, introducing artistic elements in the instrumental bridges, condensing the rhythm in the confident procession of the Walking musical march, crowned with enchanting notes and shades of guitar solos, transforming the sound of the To Die For composition for the sake of dominance of guitar riffs on which the musical structure is based. The intriguing thoughtfulness of the mesmerizing sound of the Your God musical fairy tale puts the final point in the musical story of this album.