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Contemplating the edge of being

August 18, 2021
King's Winter - Edge Of Existence

The Living Systems (Intro) narration of the sage acts as the opening of the gate of the King's Winter - Edge Of Existence album, which is ongoing the title composition combining a melodic charm with variable vocal transformations. After the strongest and drive entry, the Kingdom Of The Blind song puts forward a vocal party of a singing lady to the forefront of the musical image.
The musical procession continues by The Next In Line epic saga, in which melodic banners are combined with an inspired vocal narrative. Next, The Human Dynasty intro with the keyboards artistry enchants, then combining vocal inspiration with musical ascension. The Ghosts In This Machine fascinates with breathtaking musical motifs, sprinkling the vocal procession of the medium-point march by sparkling ribbons.
The intro's guitar solo is rolling the musical canvas of the main motive, then topped with the vocal inspiration of the singing lady in the Crusaders Of Today solemn anthem. The Dangerous Ascendancy pacifies the pace of musical narration, which is vocal inspiration on the crests of musical waves. The Discard The Ashes composition completes the album of the charming symphony in combination with a restrained drive.