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February 22, 2022
Heylel - Metamorphosis

This enchanting by its mysteriousness Heylel - Metamorphosis album consists of a dylogy, the first part of which opens with a charming acoustic guitar solo, then majestic Revelations: Fields Of Battle symphony with mysterious tunes of a singing lady. Then the guitar adds some drive to the sounding of the Revelations: Gone To Hell composition, which supplements the musical sound with anxious symphonic passages and tender and charming tunes of the female vocals. Continuing a similar style, the Revelations: Cursed song brings the vocal part to the forefront, alternating its dominance with the wailing melodies of the violin in the instrumental bridges. The guitar solo drags in a twilight mystery and opaque clarity, creating the musical path of the Revelations: Rising Empire main motif. The singing lady then brings her charm to the sound of the musical tale, marching triumphantly through the musical path of the chorus. The guitar solo of the instrumental section charms with melodic originality. The Revelations: Metamorphosis title track concludes the first part of the dusky mystery of the dylogy, with a long and carefully prepared vocal introduction in a progressive musical jaggedness.
The witty narration of the male vocals begins the second and final part, and then the Ascension: Insomnia song continues with the emotional tunes of the female vocals. The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Ascension: Witness song, complemented by the soft chiming of the guitar riffs. The twilight mystery of the Ascension: Evil I Am dark musical symphony envelops the vocal tunes with the sparkling mystery of the ghostly charm of medieval fairy tales. The enchanting Ascension: Two Faces instrumental suite enchants with hidden echoes of forgotten sadness and vague omens, foreshadowing the Ascension: Voices final bard ballad that concludes the second part of the dylogy and the entire album.