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Condemnation of human paradox

September 15, 2022
Bloodbane -  When Man Becomes Machine

The fury of the intro's guitar solo sets the essence of the sound of the Mutual Oblivion main motive, which is then complemented by shifting vocals phrases, varying shades and styles of growling vocals, complemented by progressive and technical musical artistry and continuing in the twilight mystery of The Few, The Proud, Enslaved song, as if the vocals wander through catacombs and dungeons filled with demons, fiends and ghosts, anticipating the majestic ascension of a dark musical entity to the throne of the title track of the Bloodbane - When Man Becomes Machine album, then speeding up and varying the tempo, rhythm and vocals style.
The rhythmic pulsations of the intro then recede into the background leitmotif, bringing the vocals to the forefront of Human Paradox track's sound, but the vocals give way to the artistic charm of the guitar solo, only to return again with screeching guitar passages. The twilight Condemnation dark march rolls the waves of the dark procession on its chosen path, varying vocals phrases in different styles to then harden its procession, followed by the unrestrained race of a fast-moving, hasty and impatient Quartered furious musical thriller, somewhat pacifying the anger before the bright guitar solo of the instrumental part.
Hammering the path with powerful intro hammers, the Hollowing Sublime march confidently marches along the path of the chosen goal, bringing progressive whirlwinds of tempo variations and charming sound of guitar solos before the final procession in anticipation of the rolling intro followed by the explosion of the changeable sound of the Grand Deceiver song and the frantic drive and unrestraint of the Cornette Mosh (Bonus Track) final composition.