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Comprehensive knowledge is sometimes so burdensome

March 02, 2021
Body - I've Seen All I Need To See

A Lament long journey of a leisurely vocal monologue acts as an introduction to the first composition, then continues with the grinding of musical millstones, over which the sparkling pensiveness of keyboard notes hovers. The Tied Up and Locked In track continues the The Body - I've Seen All I Need To See album's musical narrative, combining distorted musical screeching with fractured vocal fury. Walking in a viscous procession of a viscous march, the Eschatological Imperative song rolls over with a gloomy atmosphere of vague premonitions.
Gloomy musical mystery of the A Pain of Knowing composition envelops vocal reflections in a dark atmosphere, enveloping them in a web of musical mystery. The City Is Shelled continues the somber procession with muted vocal phrases, then continues with a lengthy instrumental musical accompaniment, which is then complemented by demonic phrases of creeping vocal rattles. The harsh rhythmic pulsations of the musical gloom are complemented by the distant screams of invisible beasts, which then approach in the They Are Coming gnashing vocal phrases.
The drum roll creates the rhythmic essence of the The Handle/The Blade composition, giving it some shades of a combat march. The Path of Failure closes the album with an obscure twilight of musical mystery, in which the ghostly echoes of muffled vocal reflections are hovering.