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Come here - you will see me in anger! Take a bit of my rage

August 11, 2017
Nadimac - Besnilo

Reflections, exposition of thoughts and experiences Uvod U Besnilo starts Nadimac - Besnilo album, ending with the sharp phrase, causing enchanting and frenzied Palikuca intro. This composition raises the speed, power and drive to the top of consciousness, scattering any resistance and misunderstanding in the parties.
Continues this unthinkable demonic, swiftly and fiercely creating whirlwind of power ... but no, there's appears respite, an accumulation of strength - and with the inclusion of the vocals Jednom Nogom U Gradu continues this alternation of rapid jerks and concentrated reflections.
Already the title combines a considerable amount of rebellion, drum roll and a variety of instrumental improvisations in the introduction of Kapitalizam Je Kanibalizam give significance to this wilting. Vocals complement instrumental ideas in a variety of ways - combining harsh, screaming and growling in their phrases. Oh, you can write a long and a lot - well, everyone will hear their own! And you just need to listen! Solo bass guitars, vivid improvisations, angry, violent and indignant phrases are added in Revolucija U Izlogu. Forced - but aware of shame! In the introduction of a children's song on the piano, obizrennaya in many "horror movies" creates a grim mood. But U Podrumu Zute Kuce develops this motif in such a vivid, multi-valued instrumental and vocal presentation - that it is difficult even to define the style of composition! Bright guitar feathers, a variety of vocal phrases are combined in a complex, meaningful and memorable musical picture for ages. Damn, it's hard to say whether or not Anatomija Poslusnosti (Anatomy Of Obedience) inspired the obedient sheep and Analni Ovcar works of "Animal Farm" Orwell and the Pink Floyd's album "Animals" ... well, and forgive me the Slavic brothers from Serbia, the name is very peculiar! In sounding, the style takes places to the original, returning in the 70s, but then again in a powerful rush of furious drive, turning to the expected sound.
Quickly, briefly Teraj Se U Kurac prepares us for the next song ... well, yes, and here again thrash'till'death in the introduction of Prvi Put Sa Kevom Na Semu, and the whole sound of the composition in some way goes to the next level of anger and rage! Take cat's handshake with hidden claws!
The rigid, embittered introduction ends with the yell of the grouse, then Rodjen U Ofsajdu (Nesportski Dan) swiftly and impatiently carries away, not allowing even the slightest respite - then enveloping the veil gloomy accompaniment.
Zemlja Povraca begins a bright, but gloomy and unrestrained realm of drive - in which bright tunes, instrumental and vocal parts that combine pure, harsh, screaming and growling give rise to such a vivid and impressive picture from time to time that no words They can not transmit it without distortion.
Continues this extravaganza Crna Stampa, somewhat changing the rhythmic structure, obeying vocal delights. But this does not hide the effectiveness!
Completes this vivid performance and the entire album Bez Ograda, Bez Barijera, turning into "close to ballad" music, rapidly and at an average pace, meaningfully and effectively showing feelings, thoughts and impressions.