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October 19, 2021
Trivium - In The Court Of The Dragon

The intriguing wordless X intro of the Trivium - In The Court Of The Dragon album prepares a listener to continuing its musical story with the sound of the title composition with a starting furious anger of a violent drive, but then somewhat pacifier the rate of musical sound and expands the stylistics of vocal phrases. The intro of the Like A Sword Over Damocles song for a long time and carefully prepares a listener to the entry of vocals and a variety of musical variations.
Inspirationally and majestically, the Feast Of Fire composition begins inspired handles of pure vocals, then again and the epic saga returning in the procession. The starantive drive of the guitar solo is inferior in the sound of medium-tempo A Crisis Of Revelation vocals reflections, but then again and again seeks to return. The Shadow Of The Abattoir composition enaches the melodic sound of romantic ballads, but then transformed with the addition of the stubborn waves of a powerful drive.
After the variable guitar passages of the entry of the No Way Back Just Through song rushes in the competition of music and vocal in the rapidness of the sound, the completion of the average-tempo sound of the chorus. Drumroll solo of the Fall Into Your Hands intro precesses incredibly variable and multifaceted musical essence, combining an incredible variety of stylistic and genre shades.
The From Dawn To Decadence continues the stylistic diversity of the previous composition after harsh guitar solo, The Phalanx puts the final point of the average-tempo procession of the battle march.