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Collection of gloomy fairy tales

September 02, 2021
Gloomy Grim, 2021 -  Agathonomicon

The ringing of the bell and the Invitation phrase opens the gates of the sound of musical unrestrain of the Gloomy Grim - Agathonomicon conceptual album, developing in a furious drive of The Hermit composition, combining musical stiffness and rapidness with vocal emotionality. The Master Inside hardens the musical procession in a dense march, topped with a gloomy vocal screaming. But then music and vocals rushed in an unrestrained joint race.
Gloomy, mysterious and intrigue the Third Eye Opening track spins musical flywheel, combining music and vocal severity. The They Are Waiting composition uses a familiar to all the motive, spouting the sound of its musical cloth for its vocals reflections. The Conjunction To The Ground spins the vortex of the medium-point musical march, then the crest of his waves by vocal phrases. Developing the main motive in the entry, the To The Death I Have Sworn then puts forward the vocal anger to the forefront of the musical image.
The appeals of the main vocal meet the response of other votes, but the Purity, Beauty, Freedom composition confidently and persistently moves along the chosen musical path. The Blood, Monsters, Darkness song significantly and solemnly rolls the musical canvas of the twilight anthem, anticipating the diversity of the protruding separate creation of the Haunting, Hunting, Howling final epic album saga.