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Cold, darkness and frost fetters all around

April 25, 2021
Kauan -  Ice Fleet

Gentle Enne guitars solo gently and unobtrusively introduces into the mysterious musical essence of the Kauan - Ice Fleet album, creating an atmosphere of mysteriousness and ambiguity in which anything can manifest itself. But the final part of the composition with pulsations of marine instruments impulses anticipates the further development of the musical essence of the Taistelu composition, marking the solemn confidence and the uncontiguous solemnity of musical magnitude.
Continuing and developing the silent motifs of the previous composition, the Maanpako song gives the perception of the conceptual essence of the album, complementing the instrumental variations of the vocal severity of the male vocal, uniting the harsh with routing. But then music is in the atmosphere of romantic music variations, facilitating the Kutsu vocals part and alternating clean male vocals with wordless chorates of a singing lady.
Music symphony enchants the sound, augmented by noise of sea waves and strikes. But then the vocal additions are developing a variety of the Raivo composition, again and newly returned to the pulsating guitar heft of the main motive. The vocals chants of the male vocal go to the forefront of the Ote musical image, supplemented by wordless chorates of a singing lady in bridges between the checks, creating the charm of the sound of the Hauta song, which sounds as the final album composition, which completes its conceptual essence of the preservation and continuation of the incarnation of the leitmotam.