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Cloud castles makes the world better

April 26, 2017
Chris de Burgh - A Better World

Ordinary shackles the fetters of too usual, everyday adversity, ease and ingenuity is not easy to maintain - thoughts of Chris de Burgh - A Better World cope with this task as well!
Encouraging bright introduction Hope in the Human Heart puts on the toga of a noble celebration, preparing for blissful sound Bethlehem in the pleasant and charming shade of sparkling hope.
Dreams accompany old memories that some events happens Once in a Lifetime, but do not get hung up on their perception - ahead there may be changes for the better, incomparably superior to all the past.
Guitar fingering gains thoughtful, meaningful lyrics, supplemented by flute melodies and inspired vocal phrases. Then The Open Door turns into a solemn saga, honorary champions, valiant knights and all the legendary heroes.
A gentle, light and pleasant melody envelops Heart and Soul with the warm tendencies of romantic dreams and encouraging thoughts, creating an atmosphere of indestructible calmness.
Joyful, delighted story Chain of Command dances in unrestrained merriment, surrounds pensive vocal phrases with vortices of merry dances.
Confession combines deep and thoughtful recognition, recalling the features and nuances of past events with hopes of bright impressions in the future.
Memories of the most precious and expensive, preserving Homeland as nearest and dearest, extolling attachment to these places above everything else that only can be in this world.
The vocals come to the fore in a thoughtful but so charming and magnificent Cry No More ballad, combining all the instrumental parts in a tender romantic symphony.
Shipboard Romance Charmingly and softly envelops the vocal narrative with easy melodic melodies, the main motive banner is played by keyboard passages. Warm rain brings heavenly grace, washing away the sinful dirt and dust of doubts - and pulls to dance under Falling Rain, again and again!
Thoughtful melancholy envelops with meditative, symphonic ballad All For Love, looking at the world around like on petty fusses.
A joyfully dancing Hold On (I'm On My Way) sheds the melancholy and thoughtfulness of the previous balad, rushing to the future accomplishments in a cheerful and fervent manner.
The Land of the FreeThe flute, horn and violin complete the full hopes and aspirations for the perfection of the phrase, creating expectation full of the expectations of all-american grace.
Wars, battles and battles are sung in solemn memories of The Soldier, but after that furious rushes they're getting older - now thay can only dream and ask to remember them to complete the entire album.