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Closing your eyes, see dreams

June 29, 2020
Loveblind - Sleeping Visions

Alarmed by medium-tempo pulsations, the sound of War Planets composition brings an atmosphere of doubt and uncertainty, but the title track continues the Loveblind - Sleeping Visions album with echoes of the futuristic romance of cosmic travels, captivating duet vocals with cosmic romance trends. The Daydream continues the gentle reflections of an inspired ballad, weaving a vocal duet in a mesmerizing dance.
Driving the alarming waves of restrained drive, the Goodbyes Without Goodbye music raises vocal phrases to the top of the musical image. A gentle duet of male and female vocals is intertwined in the enchanting dance of the Mistress romantic ballad. The inspirational thoughtfulness of the Ice Song symphonic saga recedes into the background before the emotional charisma of the singing lady.
Braiding wise vocals thoughts with lace of dreamy musical passages the White Piano Black Dress (feat. Elliott Frazier) composition carries away into the open spaces of imaginary expectations and incredible hopes. Vocal doubts, emotions and insecurity come to the forefront of the musical image of Saturnine song. The atmosphere of doubt continues with the A Strange Place pulsating march crowned with trembling vocal experiences shrouded in the majestic symphony of an encouraging anthem. The We Land ends the album with a mysterious, vague and obscure melody, leaving many unsolved riddles.