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Climb to your own top

April 22, 2022
Piqued Jacks - Climb Like Ivy Does

The impatient musical assertiveness of the Reign of Clouds song persistently and irresistibly pumps up the musical whirlwinds of the beginning of the Piqued Jacks - Climb Like Ivy Does album, sometimes bringing an element of mystery to the intriguing instrumental bridges. The Shyest Kindred Spirit composition fascinates with the sound of acoustic and melodic delights in addition to emotional vocals appeals.
Starting with a progressive search for a musical path, then the Romantic Soldier musical ballad takes you into an exciting journey through the expanses of past memories, preceding the procession of the pensive sound of the Home Is Forever song.
The pulsating heartbeat of the sound of the Moooody composition confidently pushes the doubtful vocals confusion to the foreground of the musical image. Doubts and uncertainties are woven in the mysterious atmosphere of the Only a Bridge twilight ballad.
The dying and soothing music and vocal passages of the Gift Handed Down for Generations song lulls and dispels the anxieties, then bringing echoes of questions to the father in anticipation of the instructions of the coming life path. The Beehive composition completes the musical narration of the album with painstaking preparation, enveloping the vocal mystery with musical anticipation.