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Chronicles remains immutable for descendants

October 25, 2017
Forsaken Rite - The Northern Saga

The epic and solemn instrumental composition The Departure opens the album Forsaken Rite - The Northern Saga , overwhelming it with a sense of the importance of the upcoming events, in which difficulties arise that check all sorts of actions with the heroic canons.
The rapid drive Painted in Woad takes calmness away, the bright motif of the flute beats with a proud glint over this meaningful, but hurried music.
Soft, sensual Disciples of Steel introduction in which the restrained notes of an acoustic guitar are shrouded in motifs of a flute and ghostly tunes turns into an unrestrained drive developing the same motif in a variety of variations.
In the wonderful parts of the flute and accordion, a wave of folkloric motifs bursts out to Rhiannon's Hymn, sometimes supplemented by the fierce support of modern instruments and sensual and meaningful vocal phrases.
SamhainnIn a thoughtful festival, folkloric motifs are even more dominant, singing wise woman even more exalts their importance.
The animated drive with a proud glint sweeps a whirlwind of To Forgotten Shores musical motifs, dancing in the leapfrog leapfrog of entry. Before the introduction of the vocals, some reflections follow, but then this violent dance returns again, giving way to reflections in the chorus.
Playful tunes in the tavern The Mead Horn leads the narrator, circling in the dance around the tables, absorbing in his song a froth on beer mugs and ringing of glasses filled with honey to the brim.
Filling the music with hidden alarm, legend Murig 'Uzgir overwhelms the uncertainty of the future with hidden threats, vague images and imaginary fears.
A thoughtful, anxious ballad Lament for the Fallen envelops thoughts with anxiety and anxiety, in its charming instrumental charm, supporting a gentle female voice in a cloud of romantic thoughtfulness.
The howling of Wolves in the gloomy night, the waves of mist are enveloped in the frightening dampness of mysterious premonitions. Music envelops with irresistible wave of anxiety and fear, rolling these frightening thoughts over and over again with a powerful sound.
From the very beginning, the main motive manifests itself to the fullest, then gathering more and more new shades into its musical image, clearly showing that, contrary to the werewolves, the evildoers of evil and the implacious frightening ghosts, we elect The Hero's Path, only in this way can one resist any fears. In the chorus, male and female vocals are combined in a charming duet, pointing out that valiant heroes will always find ladies worthy of them.