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Chronicle keeps the memory of generations and eras

January 24, 2020
God The Barbarian Horde - Forefathers: A Spiritual Heritage

The orchestral symphony, interwoven in a bewitching musical lace with acoustic guitar chimes, sets the inspirational introduction of the Chemarea Stramosilor (The Call Of Ancestors) composition, beginning with dumb acoustic tunes, transformed by preserving the musical motif, full of severity and significance, enriching the sound of omens with power and greatness. then folklore motifs are transformed by swirling whirlwinds entwined with the playfulness of flute tunes, complementing the vocal part with echoes of extreme vocals.
The company’s fun and frenzy in the tavern continues the God The Barbarian Horde - Forefathers: A Spiritual Heritage album with an unrestrained whirlwind of sound, sometimes hardening the Licoarea Zeilor (Ayle, Nectar Of The Gods) sound with a shade of dark and dark demonic shades. Datina Mesagerului (The Messenger's Rite) continues feast in the tavern, sometimes bringing to the forefront the musical image of the flute tunes and vocal reflections.
A thoughtful unity in the dance of male and female vocals anticipates the hardening of the Strabunii (The Forefathers) musical canvas and enthralls your humble servant to the full extent by listening to this (title track, for a while!) composition ... repeatedly, there's no to hide, yeah! Pensive musical tunes with saddened and anxious expectations of flute tunes, musical passages serve as the introduction and set the path for the development of the Legea Pamantului (The Code Of The Land) main motive of the disturbing march, complementing the sullen, but stubborn and confident procession to the chosen goal with harsh vocal phrases ... up to a fast rush to it.
Doubts and a whirlwind of pensive extravaganza lifts Triburile Infioratorilor Codrii (Tribes Of The Frightening Forests) in a spiral of inspiration to the blessing of divine essences, entangling vocal premonitions and doubts with a swirl of inspiration. A very interesting interpretation of the Alma Mater (Moonspell Cover) legendary song takes it to the open spaces of a slightly different style - as if a young sorcerer praises and indulges in memories of the mystical essence of the cradle of his knowledge.