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Choosing the correct path isn't so easy, but necessary

July 30, 2016
Shiverburn - Road To Somewhere

Do not know where to go, do not see the right way - then Shiverburn - Road To Somewhere is your current selection!
Rhythmical entry requires an active and immediate involvement, because lady already Sick Of Waiting! She requires a cigarette, demanding and hard driving her story, wrapped with guitar riffs and keyboard passages. Cigarette! She sick of waiting! Cigarette! No, she's not staying!
Lyrically melodic guitar solo and exalted keyboards blotches hint - One Step Closer! Dreamy ballad, full of hopes and aspirations opens prospects - you should do just one step towards the goal!
After a slow lyrical ballad music craves activity and aggression, but the female vocals again leads her on the path of sublime lyricism. Male vocals only supports a lady in these endeavors. Maybe, that's Mistake (Ruud Jolie). But the girl's desire for melodic lyrics invincible, even instrumental solos doesn't break out of lovely delicate shackles.
Lady needs in mind, persistently and emotionally eager to comprehension. She demands - Hear Me Out! Lyrical Ballads circling with flocks of pearl unicorns, dizzy watching over them! Listen to her words, man!
Guitars demand freedom and a little speed up their pace, they have no outlet - after all Last One Standing remains. "Don't tell me - what I can do!", - female vocals tells to all of us as well.
Guitas starts Same Old Story by its fingering, making romantic atmosphere, which envelops nice lady's voice.
Tight guitar riff stops girl's complaints, but she emotionaly tells, that "I can't see". She complains of circumstances which Breaking Me, as she explains to all of us.
Explanation enliven the sluggish and sad picture of girls' complaints causeless and unreasonable dispelling sadness. Dense guitar riffs are complemented by keyboard strokes, rhythm sometimes accelerates the pace and all of that gives some hope for further positive progress.
Modernized country-style offers to believe in emotional and begging words of a girl, who promises A Way Out from the current dull and boring situation, beautifully and imposing describes possible impressions.
Instrumental Fighters bored - musically and slowly discharge their parties. In all verses they substantially and significantly accelerate the pace in compare with the previous tracks, but in the chorus have to calm the rhythm pace - to support the phrase "We are the fighters!" Starting with guitar fingering and gentle female vocals You're So Gone develops the musical composition, complements it by sound shades that create a richer sound picture.
Lyric diverse composition Burned Alive, that combines a variety of styles and versatile orientation of the development of musical pictures - supplemented with snatch ragged rhythm in the verses and dense persistent accompaniment of the chorus, closes the album with its diversity.