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Children inherit traits from their parents

October 30, 2020
Runt - Devil Child

The drum roll rolls in the Killing Time pulsating march, then complements the viscous guitar riffs and emotional vocal recitative of the mid-tempo procession of starting track. The title track continues the sound of the Runt - Devil Child album, engaging the vocals in the viscous and twilight atmosphere of the guitar riffs. In choruses and bridges, instrumental passages create an even more viscous and dense atmosphere. The final segment of the composition accentuates the rhythm with a drum roll and is transformed by the rebellious proclamations of a battle march.
Whipping up a freedom-loving mood, the Boom vocal part seeks to throw off the shackles of guitar riffs, entangling rebellious vocal phrases with twilight severity. The System track more rhythmically and stubbornly marching along the chosen path as a battle march of furious anarchists, attaching great importance to vocal recitative. The vocal part competes with the guitar riffs for a dominant position in the Murder composition, alternating their parts in the foreground of the musical image.
The Sit The Fuck Down vocal part is reminiscent of a trainer conducting exercises and training and motivating the wards to more vigorous exercise. Then the music and vocals are vigorously accelerated, complementing these directions with drive. The intro, instrumental bridges and choruses bring a hard blues vibe to the Strung Out musical composition. The final fragment is accelerated to the brink of a mid-tempo drive, anticipating the rhythmic hammering of the Indefinite harsh march. But then the music, along with the vocal rage, accelerates into the frantic fervor of the chorus. Sliding on the guitar strings, the introduction sets the direction for the development of the Super Charge main motive, rolling in musical waves of a severe procession with an emotional vocal narration. The 10 ends the album with a playful mystery.