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January 15, 2020
Conflict (Rus) - Decision Code

Vigorous electronic chimes precede the introduction of 2048 vocals, starting with a severe grilling that is unexpected for the style, then intertwining it with the tunes of epic female vocals. The appeal "This is the democracy manifest!" ends with a pulsating march of vocal confessions, continuing the Conflict (Rus) - Decision Code album with a very varied, unexpected for the specified style, variety of the Autonomous musical variations.
The pulsating mid-tempo march Art Of Resistance intertwines with the enigmatic cries of the announcer, then bringing female vocals to the forefront of the musical narrative. But then clean female vocals alternate with the hardening of extreme vocals. Fierce music with a furious drive D-Evolution preserves some shades of futuristic stylistics and alternates vocal styles. Megapolis instrumental tunes introduces certain trends of jazz and lounge, however title track's Decision Code refers already to a more chaotic and nervous urban romance.
The integral essence of electronic impulses comes to the forefront of the musical narration of To Serve And Protect and Room 101 compositions, transforming them with vocal variations.
So inspirational Speechless symphony raises a lace of doubt and epic tales, wrapping these covers with enchanting tunes of female vocals. Starting with the mysterious romanticism of the tunes of male vocals The Architect expands the stylistic framework of the album. Deadlock continues the given style of tunes of pure male vocals with epic trends of adventure and fabulous echoes, but growling precedes the progressive artistry of the final fragment. New Industrial Order completes the album with viscous viscousness, leaving the vocals aside and introducing vocal nuances only with the background appeals of the radio announcer and thoughtful confessions.