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Chase to hunt, hunt to kill

January 03, 2023
Leatherwolf - Kill The Hunted

Brightly and fascinatingly, the whirlwinds of guitar riffs and vocal phrases are intertwined in the fascinating dance of the Hit The Dirt song, continuing the musical extravaganza with the energetic drive of the Nobody composition, bringing shades of forgotten fairy tales with a vocals story. A twilight mysterious haze envelops the unhurried procession of the musical detachment of the title track of the Leatherwolf - Kill The Hunted album, driving a rhythmic step into the chosen path and decorating its march with sparkling whirlwinds of guitar solos.
The whistling introduction sets the mood for the procession of the Only The Wicked mid-tempo brooding march, raising banners of valiant grandeur in the choruses, continuing with the energetic drive of the furious Madhouse musical thriller, complemented by shades of vocals rushing.
Again returning to the mid-tempo procession, the Medusa composition brings to the album echoes of medieval legends and fairy tales, which continues with its majestic procession to embody the enchanting sound of The Henchman pensive ballad and the fascinating sound of echoes of past wars, combats and battle marches in the sound of the (Evil) Empire Falls epic saga.
A bright and deadly dance of guitar riffs envelops a mysterious demonic vocals story, intertwining in the whirlwinds of the musical pattern of the Road Rage dark fairy tale, in which the emotional vocal image is especially fascinating, retreating before the assertiveness and perseverance of the musical march, promoting confidently and persistently the Lights Out Agan vocals story to prepare the embodiment of the artistic unity of music and vocals in the Enslaved final composition of the album.