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Charming emptiness, inspirational oppression, dear desolation around

October 27, 2017
Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation

Slaves Beyond Death starts the album Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation with a wave of irresistible drive, at first rolling, then puffing up a wave of impetuous drive, but again returning to the rolling power. A mysterious, charming melody arises into the The Son Of Misery introduction, then it hovers like a ghostly haze over the rest of the musical palette, it must be noted, so varied and interesting that it is useless to describe it - it is necessary to listen!
A severe pulsating march Puppet Master rolls up with powerful waves, then sweeps the pace with a swift drive, but again returning to the tough blows.
Title track Dear Desolation combines mystical mystery with a severe drive, enveloping the last haze of ghostly fancies. Vocals broadcast legends, mysteriously and deeply, in a chorus the choir of associates echoes his thoughts.
Mysterious mysticism envelops unimaginable images and mysterious motives in the Death Dealer introduction. After an intriguing beginning, music is puffed up in a complex and broken musical image, the vocals combines screaming and growling in several shades, complementing the musical diversity with its experiments.
A grim vortex of impenetrable fog Man Is The Enemy circling in a dance of deadly dance enveloping the expanses of a frightening horror.
The Skin Of The Serpent continues the procession in an atmosphere of incredible horror, knitting the musical procession viscously with a viscous fog of guitar riffs, then sweeping the rhythmic extravaganza, but accelerating, however, the pace of the narrative, violently exacerbating the rhythmic structure.
Supporting the mystical atmosphere, music in the introduction Fire In The Sky somewhat widens the stylistic framework, but then rage and anger sweep the wave of violent drive, developing the melodies of entry into a powerful stream of musical fury, combining with it ingeniously using screaming and growling vocal.
Mysterious motifs are embodied in the sound of Into Chaos We Climb slightly more than completely - the mysterious motives inherent in doom metal are combined with death core riffs and emotional growling. It would seem that such contrasting concepts, but creates solid and interesting musical image.
The Final Curtain completes the album, carrying mysterious and mysterious melodies in harsh, impenetrable metal armor.