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Charm intrigues with magical dreams of silence in the shade

April 07, 2017
Revenience - Daedalum

The orchestra does not get bored, does not run from idleness - the phantoms of the opera requires the creation of Revenience - Daedalum , will not turn away from these demands in any way !
The majestic symphonic and exciting instumental at start In A Landascape Of Winter creates the foundation for subsequent legends. But the angelic chorus from the transcendental heavens completes this lovely song.
A sad and cautious musical atmosphere envelops the introduction of the Blown Away By The Wind, charming female vocal insinuatingly and cautiously draws attention, in the chorus uniting and contrasting with so deep demonic growling.
The dark, impenetrable fog continues to Shamble enveloping all of the mysterious contours of the gentle phrases of female vocals, pausing and stepping back in front of the charming singing lady.
Silent sighs begins the Flail tale in lifeless, gloomy fog, but then so wonderful female vocal reassures, inspires and calls to destroy enemies, while doing good. Then the music accelerates and becomes heavier, only the keyboard passage rushes over the main motif like a knightly banner. In the bridge before the chorus, the growling of the guards attaches the power and significance to this bold hope.
The charming romance of a lyrical, delicate and magical ballad encompasses in the whirlwind of dreams, depicting locks in the clouds of Lone Island warmed and enlighted by the fanciful sunlight.
Hard, heavy, severe rhythmic beats significantly harden and seeled the musical image. Immediately enters the vocal blowing singing lady and growling demon. The chorus is reduced pace, creating an atmosphere of an imaginary delights by offering clean female vocals on top of a musical picture. But after the fierce struggle and the top of the musical battle, the female vocals in the accompaniment of the keyboards disperse clouds of heavy hard sounding. But the tough riffs complete the composition.
Ragged, broken rhytmics insigns My Choice, complex rhythms and viscous guitar motifs circling dark vortices around the emotional phrases of female vocals, like a flock of vultures.
Phrases of female vocals form with a sad violin and pensive piano in an intriguing tale of Revenant, whose confession is not destined to hear the needy in it.
Shadows And Silence completes the entire album, unites many styles, combines the silence of a romantic legend with the vague shadows of a changeable varying rhythm that changes so repeatedly and variously.