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Chaotic uncontrollability can also be controlled_chaos

July 05, 2019
Nita Strauss - Controlled Chaos

Dark march Prepare For War serves as an introduction, anticipating the final passage of a guitar riff, raising a sparkling stream of musical extravaganza, revealing the true appearance of the Nita Strauss - Controlled Chaos album. The impetuous drive of the prelude is replaced by pensive doubts of the Alegria verse and rises in a burst of inspiration from the chorus’s solemn anthem.
The bright whirlwind of the Our Most Desperate Hour main motive twists the fascinating trajectory of enchanting dance, captivating with the sound of a guitar solo. Developing the alarmed symphony of the final part, Mariana Trench rolls in waves of vague experiences and apprehensive apprehensions, shrouding with a veil of hidden prophecies.
The romantic ballad Here With You dispels sadness and uncertainty, enveloping the passages of inspirational romance and the enchanting melody of guitar delicacies. But The Stillness At The End returns doubts and forebodings, weaving a fascinating lace of mysterious musical sacraments, preserving, however, the ballad style of musical narration.
Starting with the inspiration of the keyboard symphony The Quest flies away in a rapid rush of musical whirlwinds, creating a fascinating sacrament, the heartfelt spirit of the Italian classic and epic metal symphonies. Doubts and experiences end with the wise reflections of Hope Grows ballad, giving an acoustic enchantment to the enchanting tenderness of the album.
Exploding into the entry with incredible bitterness and harsh drive, then the Lion Among Wolves composition envelops the atmosphere of epic mysticism, condensing the rhythm and creating a driving background for musical reflections. Keeping the epic atmosphere Pandemonium 2.0 complements the guitar parts and rhythmic structure with progressive trends, changing the musical image again and again.
The tribute to the legends of rock music The Show Must Go On (Queen cover) completes the album, while retaining the enchanting charm of the original and complementing it with a unique symphony and freshness of interpretation. replacing the vocal part with enchanting passages of guitar and violin solo.