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Chaos revolts with a combination of darkness and horror

January 26, 2020
Sandarmoh - Sandarmoh

The epic mystery of The Raid introduction ends with a dark wave of frantic drive, sometimes flying in a whirlwind of rapid anger, sometimes compressing the shackles of gloomy veils. The mid-tempo music of the Beginning of Times gloomy anthem slowly walks into the narration of dark tales, continuing the musical saga of the Sandarmoh - Sandarmoh album.
The gloomy tales of the IlXllXlV vocal part, shrouded in the darkness of suzikalnoy mystery carry into the world of black magic and dark spells. Preserving the gloomy mystery of the musical cover in unhurried passage passages, the vocal part, alternating screaming and growling, pumps up a certain tempo acceleration in the verse, returning to the significance of dark grandeur in the Chaos Rising chorus.
The dark inspiration of the intro envelops with bewitching grandeur of darkness, but then the Execute Them All vocals calls for an acceleration of pace, however the twilight hymn returns again, especially charming with the guitar solo of the instrumental part. But Drowned explodes in a wave of rapid drive, filled with rage and deadly anger.
The dark grandeur of the Illusion of Time epic narrative is revived with another dark anthem, sometimes somewhat accelerating the tempo of the musical canvas, but without stepping over the middle tempo and combining screaming and growling in the vocal part. Final War initially continues this style, but then it is transformed by a powerful and severe procession of a battle march.
Narrating an ancient forgotten tales Dimension Beyond intertwines screaming and growling in the vocal part and warps the shades of an average tempo in a musical image. Raising the scrolls of dark enchantment Existence to Extinction ends the album with the mystery of epic mystery, providing scientists of the future to solve the riddles posed by warlocks of the past.