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Chaos is able to give birth to the best

July 23, 2023
Sovrag - Perfect Form from Chaos Born

The Predetermination acoustic guitar solo slowly and thoughtfully begins the musical journey of the Sovrag - Perfect Form from Chaos Born album, foreshadowing an explosion of rage and drive in the frenetic sound of the harsh and powerful Septic Tank musical thriller, after the introduction and musical development, pushing the combination of screaming and growling vocals to the forefront of the musical image. The bewitching echoes of bard ballads and skald songs continue with the rhythmic and harsh pressure of the Into the Fire battle march, driving its steps into the chosen musical path with vocals phrases and musical passages.
The guitars solo envelops the main motive and the vocal part of the Shadows composition with a bewitching sparkling musical lace, sometimes introducing echoes of skaldic melodies and complementing the artistic variety with clean vocals and acoustic guitar passages. However, the musical creation culminates in an interweaving of furious drive and melodic charm, then subduing the impetuosity for the rhythmic and stern tread of the Tribute to Death battle march, adorned with whirlwinds of sparkling guitar solo and emphasizing vocals significance, complemented by the dreamy charm of clean vocals. After an intriguing acoustic intro, the Draining Life track rolls in waves of rhythmic drive, crowned with vocal licks, embellishing this unity with an enchanting instrumental guitar solo, preceded by rebellious impatience with an accelerating musical tempo.
The guitar solo of the intro grabs attention, then retreating before the musical variations of the Earth Reborn song, following the vocals directions, to return after the enchanting guitar solo, to return in the final part and anticipate the majestic and enchanting sound of the Owe to Us solemn anthem, raising the banners of honoring heroism and valor, sometimes speeding up in vocal ascension, but again returning to rhythmic steps. Evolving into a whirlwind of furious drive in the intro, the Tyrannicide song slows down a bit in the verse to then return to the fast-paced drive in the chorus, receding before the storyteller's background narration and then before the artistic musical variations and sparkling guitar solos, developing in the enchanting guitar solo of the album's final musical artwork, with the introduction of vocals continuing the Last Hero epic saga.