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Chaos has its own pantheon

August 25, 2020
Proditor Bicorni - Iconos del Caos

A whirlwind of melodic guitar solo takes you into the vastness of dreams, then complements the Leviathan intro with pulsating rhythm and accelerates the tempo of the musical with a fierce vocal part, combining screaming and growling. Fierce Thagirion musical sound continues the musical narration of the Proditor Bicorni - Iconos del Caos album with the harsh grandeur of a significant anthem, crowning the vocal phrases with a guitar meloodic.
Combining music and vocal phrases in a harsh round dance, the Aeshma Daeva enthralls the listener to follow this procession, diversifying the composition with guitar solos of instrumental bridges and the unity of screaming and growling in the vocal part. Captivating with epic motives, the Aguas de Tehom song then builds a musical composition on the alternation of vocal styles, complementing screaming and growling with emotional harsh and following the path of development of the leitmotif.
The guitar solo of the Azerate introduction captivates with unsurpassed melody, then setting the directions for the development of the main motive, crowned with the vocal unity of screaming and growling. The Regis Caos ends the album with ragged notes of progressive rhythm, complementing them with echoes of folk motives.