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Chaos can remains only temporary

September 12, 2016
TCP (Temporal Chaos Project) - Temporal Chaos

If around you allways universal, comprehensive order - so there's TCP (Temporal Chaos Project) - Temporal Chaos somewhere! It can not be otherwise!
Melody diverges with a lots of of unpredictable flares that Torn Apart 1000 Sparks and then combining them again - and throwing again those fireflies around. Then vocals thickens the atmosphere, condensing its sounds with the mystical voice.
Mysterious sounds of the Forest Of Lovelies are combined in an unforgettable palette, combining comprehensive sad melancholy and reassuring sublime melody, adorned inside with sunlight. That ballad can't leave us without unforgettable memories! But in the end, it changes to the live rhythmic track that plays notes like a juggler for a bit - then returns to its previous course.
Quiet thoughtful start calls from the depths of the mind memories that was dormant forever, Impetus vocals complements the sublime notes with gentle female voice, upcalls to the divine existence untill the keyboard passages, that hovers over the sound palettes as the ghostly spirits. Then lady comes to the fore with its lyrical melodic story, thet sounds like the oriental motifs - or that's just celic folk? A lot of people - so many inspirations!. But then mail vocals recalls our attention to familiar lands as well.
Fly vortices around the flames of the fire, their flight path can not be tracked, that's the indeterminate and unidentified for us - The Forces occupies our attention, thickening the atmosphere of sound canvas that covers us - vocal emotions go beyond, breaking above the general sound picture. Then the marvelous vocal phrases splashes incredible whirlwind of madness to sound pictures... and calm instrumental part completes the composition, calming vocal outbursts.
The ballad's Chrysalis quiet melody penetrates the depths of physical phenomena, envelops consciousness. Calm and balanced composition saturates the space of options for its cryptic notes, completing with female vocals closer to end.
Familiar melodies dance vortices echoes with other relevant familiar tunes superimposed with a whirlwind of dance on their dances. That all combines into Fantasize / Into The Blue like a puzzle that have to be left unsolvable forever!
Third Eye Limited puts to sleep all our doubts, gentle and melodic cradle eliminating the mystique and high-flown fancy beyond comprehension, far away from our perception and outside sensations. Such lullaby is absolutely necessary to eliminate the irresolvable issues!
Winter cold and frost, frozen in a blizzard, bring to the windowpane fantastic patterns. Dancing snowflakes blow vortices in drifting snows, storm darkness thickens around the house, which has become a safe haven. We observe that In The Flame, sitting in a armchair near the fireplace. Sublime keyboards passages drift a snowflakes in its vortices as motes. We look at all of that in calm refuge. So - let it be as is!