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Chanting the requiem dirge for lost lords

April 23, 2019
Deadspace - Dirge

The gloomy sacrament envelops with a whirlwind of epic fairy tale, twisting the spirit of obscure Divinity chorales, introducing the Rapture song, starting the album with a stream of drive entwined with turns of enchanting melody.
The title track continues the musical narration of the Deadspace - Dirge album with leisurely passages of the ceremonial march, sometimes creating fascinating instrumental bridges of sublime inspiration.
Beginning with gloomy reflections, Indoctrination composition is then carried away in a fast-moving procession of fierce drive, introducing progressive shades in instrumental bridges challenging the primacy of the vocal and refined melodic inserts. In the instrumental part, a bright and thoughtful guitar solo is brought to the forefront of the musical image, continuing as the inspiration of the main motive.
The mysterious, soft and romantic mystery of the Graveflower instrumental saga serves as the introduction of the The Malevolence I've Born Unto Others composition, after a brief reflection on the wings of the epic black dragon. The muffled completion merges into a single whole with a soft, charming introduction that lasted until the middle of the Consigned to Oblivion composition, culminating in gloomy reflections of the phantom sage, keeping vocals phrases on the background of the compositional structure.
The epic twilight of ancient tales and legends mysteriously resound with distant echoes, again delaying the introduction to the middle of the Hypnogogia composition, completing the narration with medium-tempo sparks, which inspire pensive triumph. The blazing bonfire sets the mysterious atmosphere of the O Sancta Simplicitus composition, that finalizes album by leisurely pacing the main motive, to which vocal phrases impart emotionality and mystery of intractable doubts.