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January 05, 2018
Feared - Svart

A short instrumental introduction Nar allt blir svart begins the Feared - Svart album without revealing the sacraments of sound - on the contrary, creating with its mysterious sound an incredible intrigue that explodes with a wave of drive already in the next composition, King of the Dead. Carrying out severe power and fury on the forefrontof the musical image, in the middle develops the motifs laid down in the introduction of the album.
Power, fettering fury breaks out in the impetuous race, Hate Mantra hastily delivering music to the heaviness of sound and bitterness of vocal phrases.
Beginning as a soft romantic ballad, with a muffled whisper of pensive confessions, My Next then acquires sensuality and power, the vocals complement the deep and dense music with experiences, exploring many shades of clean vocals and growling. The piano creates an alarming and pensive In i dimman background, giving its passages mysterious hope in the finale.
Somewhat changing the album's sound, departing from the adopted in this musical style, Your Black Is My White combines in the vocal parts of harsh and growl creates a kind of wave, either a sludge, or the doom death metal.
Again, the style of sounding, Engines of Death song begins a triumvirate thrash metal, ending the album with an annoying and zealous sound. The Mare gives an even more assertive character to this flow of drive, furiously, but thoughtfully and lyrically erecting vocal parts that combine screaming and growling. Well, in this musical style there are also ballads and romance, the lyrical instrumental saga Blodspar is a worthy confirmation of this fact. It completes the whole album with the fog of twilight romance.