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Centuries measures not only time, but also the perceptions

February 23, 2018
Bulletbelt - Nine Centuries

The whisper of the necromancer and the creaky responses of the conjured spirits are combined in the mysterious fog of Sacred Tongue, the Bulletbelt - Nine Centuries album's entry, which continues with the title track, which unrestrainedly and repeatedly accentuates its name, then carried away to the unseen by dark waves of discreet drive.
Deeper into the gloomy covers of evil spells, Cloak the Night rushes in an uncontrollable drive, weaving in a fascinating musical lace a guitar solo with alarmed vocal screams, in a chorus rising up in the delight of prophecy.
Sharply starting Haegtessa in the verse and the chorus with the introduction of the vocals restrains the race of instrumental impulses, binding them with meditations and warnings, but promoting the main motive in an average tempo.
The bass guitar solo is mysteriusly intriguing at first, then the Dethrone epic saga envelops in shades of many legends, combining it in a single musical whirlwind, thickening a fog that will rush in a single stream with the vocals introduction.
The noise of distant winds near the coastal rocks creates a pensive mood, the Orpheus music grows in an intriguing development, then carried away by an exciting wave of the main motive, vocal phrases wrapped around by dark vortices. Then the energy of the dark winds grows and rushes in unrestrained zeal toward the unknown palaces of the dark blessing. iscous, tired and saddened gloomy phrases and burdened music completes the composition.
The uncontrollable rage of music weaves the vocal variety that unites screaming and growling into a single thread, enveloping Show Me Your Throat with the bright, sparkling guitar riffs with this unification. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo carries away in the illusions of the cloud castles.
The Hypatia symphonic introduction unites orchestral passages, violins like magical spells are heard through the thickening twilight of musical shadows, called by a meaningful and deep vocal spell. But then vocals call for harsh metal music, preserving the epic history and melodic musical sound.
Starting as the leisurely instrumental saga, the final composition of the album Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch to Live captivates with a mysterious melody, again and again returning to the path of the main motive and again the lacing of multivalued predictions. But then the vocals complement the sound, transform and rearrange the sound taking into account its influence, completing the album with a bright and effective composition.