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Can you see all of your fingers? You lose none of them! That's great!

May 03, 2016
Total Harmonic Distortion - Madkind

Total Harmonic Distortion - Madkind.
Blindfold slowly hold to performin' of his own, being grows under its subconsequences.
Slash someone's, act further by the One Day Wonder. No wondert - act yourself or be sacrificed!
Beat all around by your fury - Deathday the best time to do that!
Gone Insane there's no way to change out there - clear screams tells you the only way, instrumental approximates that as well.
We're heard that somewhere...or sometimes...All Reasonable you said?! No! No way out! Pathless road! Argh!
You loose your road, path or way? You're On The Edge. Ballad turns your way into confession to highest forces - that can improve your way from impossible to possible!
The living, changeable entry Protagonist Of Agony follows into the is a fairly slow, dense and intriguing continue ... then - BANG! FLASH! Yeah!
Bad To Worse had to choose - do it! Or fuck out! Various and vary implemented guitars starts The World Is Over, changeable and rushed rhythms follows next parts with various vocal parts. Ouh! That hard to imagine!
"Once youre spirit..." Good To Better vocal monologue starts, next fine instrumental intro with the vocals variations - that fine, as well!
That's hard to add something' to the name of that track - Everything Ends! Great artpiece, great album!

Among us there's bizarre - they may be Mutant - Pleiades.
Alcione patches minds with the blossom falls - transmitted the waves of sound into the min with the pathway into further betterness!
You're outcast! From the...argh! Outcast! From the...argh! Guerra Florida try to perform your way to their life!
Hard, but vulnerable - that's Obsidian! Pathetic and poisonous with the slow flow - it takes part of mind with their pace style!
Flows like a river - calmly and bitter, Children Of The River take their part in that artwork changed from second to second - you have to listen to it!
O-pa-pa, heavy-metal style! Road To Xibalba wonders the chosen road into different spaces - choce youre way and walk forward w\o turn back!
Twelve Gods just the metal haven't hide! It give the time to revive - you used it? Not! Stupid ones! Now have to dance!
He-a-vy me-ta-l is the law! Nahual turn you into that faith and nowhere! Just nowhere!
You can't step away - that's Canvas! Clear vocals gone away from previous ... for a while! 'till the end of the album!