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Can you find seeds of everything?

April 04, 2020
Dammercide - The Seed

Fiercely screaming, emphasizing the Octagon song's name, music anticipates the introduction of the main vocals and the development of progressive musical passages, sometimes complementing the returning screams of the introduction. The restrained swiftness of musical fury continues the unification of vocal and musical variations in the Hunter epic saga, interlacing the musical lace of mesmerizing artistry with progressive trends. The Artifact introduces the romance of a soft and sensual ballad into the sound of the Dammercide - The Seed album, complementing the final reflections of the previous composition with even more melodic charm.
Severe omens of the mystical mystery of The Seal dark anthem envelop vocal reflections with the covers of twilight musical variations of the mysterious musical sacrament. Exploding with vocal anger at the introduction, the Spider then vocals phrases envelops with a musical drive, but then the instrumental bridge calls for thought, weaving a bewitching lace of progressive musical variations.
A gentle acoustic The Knot guitar solo acts as a connecting link between songs, continuing with incredibly complex musical improvisations of the Fractal song, complementing and separating musical fragments with instrumental bridges of mesmerizing melody. Forcing the harsh and insurmountable wave of musical drive into the waves of introduction, The Tree then crowns these musical waves with crests of vocal emotions, complementing the vocal experiences with rhythmic beats. The procession of The Godfader vocal part is led by a musical narrative, enveloping vocal phrases with thoughtful covers of musical mystery and complementing instrumental fragments with majestic guitar solos.
The whirlwind of the rapid musical cycle precedes pensive reflections of the vocal part, entangling The Comet vocals reflections with complex musical decisions. The final fragment of the album is composed of ballads - at first captivating with the sound of The Dance song, enchanting with the interweaving of musical and vocal artistry and the incredibly complex progression of rhythmic transformations. Then The Roots puts the last point in the musical narrative, weaving together the contrasting elements of a furious drive and mesmerizing melodies.