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Can you count all the suns of the Universe?!

April 26, 2017
Decaying Days - The Fire Of A Thousand Suns

I do not know who and how - but listening to the Decaying Days - The Fire Of A Thousand Suns felt that I was half as young ... and how are you?!
Awaiting for the future accomplishments, thoughtfully and harmoniously, 45-08-06 brings through the dusk of the impending torpor. Eye Of The Storm hardens the sound, somewhat complementing the musical solutions of the foregoing composition.
Dreamy and majestic thoughts bring the story Waves Of Neglect above the clouds, stacking the tale on them ... but the narrations breaks into an unrestrained drive, held only by vocal phrases within the contemplated possibilities, enveloping us with melodious decisions.
Viscous, melodic and thick melodies envelops the impenetrable dusk of the Empty World, enveloping vocal phrases varying various shades of growling. But in the chorus, the tender melody draws away the severe vocals of the growling after its history, completing tender and fascinating melody with the yelling of screaming.
Thoughts are formed, compressed and disperse by the changeable vortexes of A Thousand Suns musical decisions - only vocal phrases are deep and thoughtful in their own confidence.
Fast vortexes of musical sounds with guitar riffs sweeps the surrounding nuances in the single burst of confident The Fall Of Nightmares travel, advancing sternly and thoughtfully forward without haste - on the contrary, thoughtfulness and concentration in the chorus arises above the clouds!
Loneliness fingering bears Forever Gone idea to the shores, there's no other use for it - only to renorn as the main theme of the power and rhythm combine the power of rigid and viscous music, clean vocals and thoughtful, dreamy growling phrases, coupled with the more melodic music. The power envelops an incredibly dense atmosphere, combining these viscous melodies with a wistful clean vocals, replacing it with a restrained growling. Than Long Way Down combines all of the vocals in the single meludic stream.
Fire brings an enchanting expectation of future achievements, embodied in Stargazers sounds furious, grandiose - embodying all possible in this style images and outlines, combining melodic passages and movements with rhythmic, tough and clear decisions. The album ends with guitar parts that are somewhat reminiscent of the introduction, but painfully embroidering them in the armor of burdensome aspirations, carrying the Tempest musical expectation through the pensive fog of gloomy lusts that tempt us with illusory perceptions.