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Can't offer solution - there will be the revolution

March 31, 2017
Nothing Lies Beyond - Fragile Reality

The world is changeable, everyone perceives it from its point of view - Nothing Lies Beyond - Fragile Reality has always been, exists and will be!
The sound of the rolling carriage, the sound of rain and the sombre symphonic keyboard passages create Redemption mystical atmosphere reinforced by the chime of the bell.
An exciting melody carries away in a melodic exquisite impulse, the rapid guitar frenzy in the verse prepares for the repetition of an unforgettable spectacular Closed In Chains intro in the chorus. Then - again a rapid rush and again so charming, romantic melody. But the vocals formes with the changes of the scream-growl style and deep, tough growling, which adds harsh shades to the musical pattern.
Fast, rapid rush in the beginning of Lost turns into a combination of vocal shades, followed by a romantic melodic chorus. Then the music changes the pace from medium to fast, from a sharp verse to a melodic chorus. Guitar solo before the last chorus takes to sky-high dreams and lovely castles in the air with the angels at the gates.
A memorable and unique melody of Another Place sways swinging sweepingly, drawing all the attention behind it, leaving no one indifferent, not allowing it to stand aside. Then, the music speeds up the pace, accumulating energy before the next explosion of melodic triumph.
Drive impulse rushes into a fierce battle, sweeping away all obstacles in its path - it Never Back Down, forever and ever. Then the vocals bring clarity and rhythm to the fore, clearly and thoughtfully leading their speech. But the impetuous impulse returns to complete the composition and starting Fading Behind False Eyes, violently and significantly enduring harsh growling to the fore in the verse, returning on top screaming-growling in lyrical melodic chorus.
The Final Fight fierce battle of melody and rhythm creates the mind-blowing drive, rushing through the intro and the verse, until the march in the bridge gives a breathing space before the next verse. Then the bridge before the chorus changes the tempo and rhythm, compacting the sound of the musical and vocal image.
Bright dancing in a blaze of sparkling lyuchey motif draws in Visions, replacing the rapid sparks of screaming with the thoughtful prudent instruction of a severe deep growling. Subsequently - vocals follow each other and are combined into a single burst.
Rebellion, the spirit of youth requires changing the habitual disgusted canons canons to break the restrictions, to crush frames - We Are The Revolution! You have to know it as well - disagree? Dissmissed! So wonderful, fascinating composition - the phrases of the chorus of which, and draws the accompaniment, completes the album with unforgettable impressions!