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Can burn and freeze

January 24, 2022
Wolvespirit - Fire and Ice

Full of despair, hopelessness and persistence of sounding lyrical component of the Tell Me Why song rolls out the musical canvas, raising the banner of sad doubts of the singing lady in the chorus. The title track continues the musical narration of the Wolvespirit - Fire and Ice album, introducing some elements of playfulness with guitar solos, supplementing them with artistic calls of vocals and keyboards.
The drive and energy of the musical passages of the Break the Chain song enchants with the spirit of true rock'n'roll, supplementing the sound with rebellious phrases of the vocal part. The Wheel of Life composition brings the rebellious vocal proclamations of the unrestrained singing lady to the forefront of the musical image.
The sound of the Feather in the Wind music somewhat subdues the drive of the musical narrative, combining true southern rock with notes of reggae. In the instrumental part, the symphonic keyboard passages captivate with their artistic sound. The Like a Wolf in the Night track develops a similar musical style in the direction of epic saga, crowning the unity of guitar and vocals with keyboard charm.
The sad experience of the female vocals forms the basis of the At the End composition, then supplementing the main vocals with the background singing of the male vocals, followed by the charming sound of the Rock'n'Roll Gipsy song's hit musical motifs, enveloping the vocal reflections with sparkling ribbons of musical charm. The No More persistent battle march closes the album with a persistent rhythmic heartbeat of music and vocals, topped with the artistry of keyboard passages.