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Calmly ensuring solid convictions. Forever and ever

January 25, 2017
Spirit Division - No Rapture

Stringy, thick and viscous dish like butter cream Spirit Division - No Rapture envelops with tranquil veil.
Viscous, sticky, thick atmosphere that Whispers In The Embers is complemented with a deep musical extravaganza of clear thoughtful vocal phrases, transmuting in the harsh style for a bit from time to time.
Title track No Rapture starts in the slow, overly accustomed manner. And this style piercing all musical canvas, filling the future with confidently of past, varying the tempo in the instrumental part.
Fast and quickly rushes forward on his way blindly, vocals varying from baritone to falsetto. Because When The Sun Explodes leaves no certain hope!
Sticky, viscous, thick and dense musical passages are so contrasted with sharp violent vocal outbursts. These differences and disagreements provides Rewinding Life.
A thick veil of A Dark Request in impenetrable fog of viscous stringy music accompanies the image of thoughtful vocal phrases, keeping them calm and confident.
Fog continues to exaggerate, impenetrable darkness in the night gloom sprayed only with the help of instrumental The Mourning Song saga. Low, dense and hard riffs surround themselves with their tentacles, pulling the being to our audience.
Quiet, thoughtful unhurried Wendigo story brightens ordinary today with nebulous expectation of its reflections, circling in the chorus dance in the florid manner. Then the fairy tale is accelerates and nourishes its narration with strung rapid shades, but ends in the calm strudy style.