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By the way, just one day

September 05, 2016
Deldrac - One Day More, One Day Less

Deldrac - One Day More, One Day Less no more, no less - the day was used and oppressed!
Ornate, complicated, twisty starts Hatred And Hate Painted Blood Red then points out how unfair assessment of the surrounding can injure the mind, distort the consciousness - the rhythmic cries in the bridge leads to stretched melodic vocals in the chorus.
Reflections, evaluations and all those deep thinking can be distract from an understanding by the meaning The Only Life You Know - the waste of life, Oh!. Rhythmic blows crushes all obstacles in the way of obvious things - and continues to rush against, persistently and fearlessly! That's the only life you know!
Heavy, sticky and fascinating notes, that past the test of time - Then Some Bells May Chime. Then oppressive atmosphere that tightens into the abyss of gloomy ordinary routine tearing apart by emotional vocals blows, that finished every phrase!
Frolicking sudden desire to break the shackles that fetter the movements are interrupted by Thought Police. Alive and jagged guitar riffs and raged track will eliminate all of the fictitious services!
Mysterious plaintive distant sounds of entry combined with the chants of the crowd and fierce guitar passages - all this stuff tries to show the existence of The Real Dark Power! That crowd continues its chants! But lively guitar part does not allow any interferention or any tricks, interrupting those chants with its fascinating solos. But the crowd did not give up - and completes the composition!
Race For Life changes the pace, varying rhythmic patterns - tries a lot of melodical shapes. It is an unprecedented incredible contest in such kind of race - when the life is bet!
Powerful rhythmic passages begin the story All Alone Again, then the power instrumental breaks sometimes colors with the emotional shades of vocal phrases, then it tightens vocals to match with its sharp and harsh passages!
Rage found no outlet for all of angry being, so its sharp and powerful jerks seeks for the guilty and impulsively without restraint wants to Blame Satan in all kinds of imperfections of the world! Blame Satan - repeats a lot of times!
Varies in choosing a path, rushes from side to side - because True Stories Last Forever ('till They're Over)! Having found the right path sharply, rhythmically and energetically slams his step on the road! Its journey eternal - it will last forever! The sad monologue under the acoustic guitar notes is embodies the quintessence of fatigue. Then guitar presents its solo passage and the path continues again!
Exit / It's Over instrumental guitar fingering, outlined with the bass notes - it says 'goodbye!' to us with the sound of wind and sea waves.