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Burning and blazing with unbearable anticipation

December 15, 2020
Steve Harris' British Lion - The Burning

Inspirational phrases of the vocal part are brought to the forefront of the City Of Fallen Angels musical image, drawing you into the sphere of their narration. The title track continues the musical story of the Steve Harris' British Lion - The Burning album, whirling up into a sparkling whirlwind of guitar solo, then giving some thoughtfulness to the vocal part, but again returning to bright guitar solos in instrumental bridges. The vocal part returns to the foreground of the Father Lucifer song's musical narrative, giving the shades of oriental folklore to its fairy tale. The Elysium completes the epic sagas with a proud procession of a solemn anthem, complemented by romantic reflections of this ballad's verses.
The Lightning captivating guitar solo continues with an impressive and memorable musical tune. Accelerating the musical motive will draw you into the frenzy of a mesmerizing dance, again and again emphasizing and repeating the name of the Last Chance track. The somewhat restraining swiftness of the musical passages, the Legend crowns them with romantic tunes of the vocal part. Intriguingly and mysteriously unwinding the main motive, the Spit Fire begins the vocal part with muffled thoughtfulness, then weaving the sparkling lace of the musical composition.
After an intriguing introduction and a bewitching musical mystery, the vocal part comes to the fore of the Land Of The Perfect People song. Captivating with artistic variations of musical passages, the Bible Black incredibly charms with the guitar solo of the instrumental part. Beginning with a soft chime of acoustic guitar strings, the Native Son concludes the album with a bardic saga.