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Building from start to the end

July 31, 2023
Stillbeing - World Builder

The twilight mystique of the introduction slowly and intriguingly prepares the musical development of the Abandoning Mother song, which is transformed into a rigid rhythmic march, anticipating the entry of the vocal part, beginning with background mystery and distant echoes, but then moving to the forefront of the musical image, alternating with musical fragments in this hypostasis, sometimes intertwining in a bewitching musical unity that opens the musical gates of the Stillbeing - World Builder album and then transforms into dense rolls of a rhythmic march, complemented by the mysterious narration of a mysterious lady.
Intriguing in the hazy mystery of the introductions, the Future Earth track then wraps the muted vocals story in twilight veils, raising the vocals phrases in an inspired ascension of the chorus, entwined with enchanting melodic passages with romantic undertones, to which the music will return after the solemn majestic march.
Futuristic echoes of electronic impulses give the initial fragment of the Builder of Worlds musical creation a bewitching mystery, anticipating further musical development in unity with rebellious and persistent vocal pressure, uniting music in a single stream of impatient expectation, embodied in the sound of a musical creation with shades of the title track of the album, ending with its most mysterious and the mystical See It to the End final fragment, with a dreamy mystery of vocals reflections, complemented by a bewitching charm and soothing nebula of acoustic guitar solos.