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Brutality, that have been carved in stone

June 16, 2021
Axebreaker, 2020 -  Brutality in Stone

The unclear mystery of the Disorder track begins a thoughtful story of the Axebreaker - Brutality in Stone conceptual album, which continues in the sound of the Ghost Skins composition to the addition of distorted and blurred vocals tunes.
Twilight plexus of futuristic noise and mystery of twilight forgotten fairy tales fascinates the sound of the Endless Power with the unity of contrasting shades. The New Nobility vocals are not clearly manifested in brief extensions manifested by impulses in the impenetrable musical haze.
Through the End of History musical dusk it is not clearly manifested by the echoes of epic saga of past ages. The intriguing mysteriousness of the All Monuments Fall track is entry into the Murrah waves of twilight noise, rolling with obsessive jitter, which makes the will. The State of Terror completes the album with the longest composition combining the mysterious charm of mysterious symphony, shrouded with the covers of unclear noise and unknown distortion.