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Bright flash of musical improvisation

October 15, 2021
La La Lars - La La Lars III

After the mysteriousness of the foggy intro, the Haxa composition sets the atmosphere of slightly sad romantics, as if there were memories of the long-standing unfulfilled hopes. The Dur track continues the sound of the La La Lars - La La Lars III album with a leisurely inspiration, as if doubts and uncertainty gave way to the dominant position of impressions and hopes.
Thoughtfulness and magnificent slowness are combined in a leisurely procession of musical variations of the Oar composition, artistically rolling the waves of thoughts. The Det Blev Sent track fascinates the wisdom and significance of musical reflections, while maintaining incredible calm in combination with the artistry of musical improvisations.
The sound of the Kolsvarta Natten composition marks the swirl musical variations of the lattice axis, which retains its mood throughout the musical story. The rhythmic drumroll shifts to the inspired and festive mood of the sounding of the Pour Qui Pourquoi song.
The sound of the Ett Nytt Kapitel composition marks the listener of the atmosphere of romantic charm, binding improvisation of wind inscrounds among themselves in spiral spiral of musical charm. The sound of the Vart Ska Du composition wraps a listener atmosphere of romantic charm, binding improvisation of wind instruments and completes the musical narrative of the album with a feeling of incredible inspiration.