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Boundless edges of eternal times

December 12, 2021
Ghosts of Jupiter - The Great Bright Horses

The title track begins the Ghosts of Jupiter - The Great Bright Horses album's musical narrative with echoes of ancient fairy tales in the unity of echoes of medieval bardic ballads and minstrel sagas. The Boundless Time I composition wraps romanticism of ancient fairy tales and epic tales with notes of wild western songs and romantic chanson.
The instrumental Lyra track is charming in its melodic sound. The Toward The Silent Sun song, after an intriguing pulsating introduction, complements the mesmerizing musical mystery with vocal emotionality. The Golden Age composition brings the vocal part to the forefront of its musical image, pulsating with rhythmic musical variations.
The sound of the Equuleus track takes you on a journey through the mystical expanse of Japanese epics and the proclamations of Tibetan monks. The Towers song enchants with the soft chiming of guitar passages combined with romantic vocal chants.
The keyboard meditations of the Boundless Time II composition captivate with an artistic mystery, drawing you into the expanse of dreams and meditations. The Eastern Glow song is the final point of the album, returning to the realm of epic sagas and ancient fairy tales.